Ruth Ezra

She is my cousin, at the same time my god daugther. She was a blessing to her own family and also for the entire family. We are so blessed to have her. She is a brilliant kid, has a brighter future ahead of her. When you see her, she can enlighten you up instantly, because when she sees you she will just flash her killer smile that is so cute you can’t but to smile at her too. She has curly hair, which is not awkward looking it just added into her beauty. I am so blessed to be her godmother, and I am task to take care of her no matter what. I promised to give it my best shot, to be the best person, ate, ninang, friend, etc. to her whenever she needs me. Because of her I have someone to save for every Christmas.

Everyday, we look forward to the new things she had leanrnt from her yaya, or from anyone around her. Sometimes I also teach her some simple things, like saying her name. Asking where is her nose, teeth, eyes, tongue , ears. She knows what dog sound makes, cat, sheep, horse, frog. Can you believe it, she knows all about this when she is only more than a year old. Pretty amazing, well we see it as God’s gift to her.

Very well, one day maybe she can read this, maybe at the age of 3. Lol! Anyway, continue praising God, have a nice day and goodnight.


Paid to Blog

My goal now is to earn thru blogging I mean im not American, european or whatever but I think I can do blogging and post a blog in a regular basis starting today I will give the “them” te requirements for me to qualify, post and earn to blog. So people watch me! I will post some blogs here and in my blogspot account also but bear with me Im just starting and Im learning so if you have tips that you can impart I’ll be happy and it will be much appreciated. Have a nice day!

“So you will wa…

“So you will walk in the way of good people, and will keep on the paths of the righteous.”- proverbs 2: 20

There are people who will continue to disappoint us. But with God He said that, whatever happen, whoever dares to destruct you, to destroy you, or hinder you to accomplish your goals. We will continue walking towards the path He wants us to take, and no one can stop God from making His will happen we just have to trust Him. Because, we might get to meet different people everyday, try different things, still God’s plan for us is fixed. No matter who or what He is going to use to make His will happen still the outcome is the same, and it was the best plan that can ever happen in our lives. Thru God we have hope, and faith that never dies.